You Will Never Get Pimples On Your Nose If You Follow This


Today we will learn about the skin problem arising specifically at the nose area. According to the concept of face mapping , the nose represents the heart. The heart is one of the most important organs as it pumps blood to each and every part of the body.

The problem that one experiences that arises could be blackheads, whiteheads, pustule, cyst, milia, closed comedones and papule. Both internal and external factors are responsible for these problems. For external treatment and instant results, there are many kinds of advanced treatments, but if you don’t treat the problems from all inside they will keep coming back. One should always focus on treating the problem from the root cause and working on the internal system. Hence ayurvedic treatments like Snehan that is the oleation therapy, Swedan that is the Fermentation therapy, Basti that is medicated enema all these are the non-invasive treatments for the heart. Also Hridaya basti is one of the most powerful and effective treatments in ayurveda that aids in healthy functioning of the heart, all these treatments help to nourish, strengthen, balance the heart functions and rejuvenate the heart area. If your cardiovascular system is strong then eventually your body will also become very strong and healthy. If one wants to increase their cardiovascular capability then they must follow a healthy diet and regular exercise, as if one does regular exercise the body demands more and more for oxygen thereby making heart work stronger and the blood rich in oxygen and eventually the appetite also increases demanding for more and more nutrients. In this process one must indulge in a healthy source of diet, they must make sure that he or she avoids excess intake of salt. A weak cardiovascular system represents lethargy, laziness, lack of strength which has an impact on the body and this expresses through our face specifically at the nose. Hence it is important to consume omega three rich foods like almonds, walnuts, flax seed, etc.

Regardless of any age when it comes to a healthy cardiovascular system, ayurveda describes Arjuna as the best heart tonic, it consists of Terminalia arjuna bark, Woodfordia fruticosa flowers, Madhuca Indica flowers, Vitis vinifera, also known as dried grapes, jaggery, an unrefined sugar product made in Asia and Africa and water, for decoction purposes.

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