At Jyovis Institute, we offer an exciting range of courses in Beauty, Make up, and Hair-Dressing which are held in vibrant environment of our own salons, where our clients receive their treatments from our candidates during their courses, and there is no better way than this for both technique and conβidence.
We run part-time, weekend and intensive beauty training courses and all our classes are in small batch this means you beneβit from excellent student tutor ratio. We also rotate the timings of our beauty training courses so you do not miss out on any class.

Basic Beauty Course

Duration: 2 months

SKIN - Anatomy, Types of Skin, Disorders and minor imperfections
BLEACH - Bleach for face and body, Preparation of bleach and types of bleach, Materials,
Indication/Contraindication, Safety and Precaution
FACIAL - Principle, Techniques, Indication Contraindication, Facial for Oily/Dry/
Combination/Mottled skin
MASKS - Types of masks, Basic setting and non setting Mask, Biological mask
MANICURE/PEDICURE - Equipment, Implements, Cosmetics and materials, procedure,
techniques, Hand and Arm massage, Foot/Leg massage, Nail paint application
THREADING/WAXING - Equipments/Materials, correct techniques of eyebrow shaping/arching
Types of wax, method and application, before and after case, contraindication and safety

Basic Hair Course

Duration: 2 months

HAIR THEORY - Hair theory, hair structure, hair analysis, Scalp case
SHAMPOO AND RINSING HAIRCUT - General cuts, guidelines and understanding tools,
Straight cut, Shallow U Cut, Deep U cut
BLOWDRY - Use of moose, Gel and hair spring, hair styling fox straight and curly hair,
Temporary thermal treatment ironing / tongs
HEAD MASSAGE - Relaxation techniques, Knowledge of oils
HAIR STYLE - Braiding, Twisting
HENNA APPLICATION - Temporary coloring, reparation and application
DYE AND HAIR COLOUR SCALP CARE - Dandruff and hair fall

Diploma in Skin & Hair

SKIN THEORY - Anatomy, Skin Condition, Disorders, Minal Imperfection, Skin Diagram,
Functions, Skin Care
- Course in Basic Beauty
- Course in Basic Hair
- Basic Makeup
- Basic Mehndi
- Basic Hair Style
- Basic Perming / Crimping

Bridal Make-up Course

Duration: 3 months

Information about products
Make-up techniques
Choice of products available
Corrective make-up
Anatomy of head and face
Foundation colors and their uses for correction
Techniques of corrective make-up
Corrective eye make-up
Make-up for dark skin

General Anesthetic Course

ANATOMY - Skin Analysis, Massage Theory, structure and function
PRACTICAL - Use of machines and their treatment/indication and contraindications
VACUUM - Suction Machine - Vibrato - ars - Ultrasound Machine - Abrasion machine & other skin peeling
Methods – Micro-dermabrasion - Powder derma & Dimana Derma, Micro curette, Bio lift treatment

Advanced Hair Course

Duration: 3 months

Properties of Hair & Scalp
Hair Analysis
Conditioner on Hair
Quality of Hair
Disorder of Hair
Corrective of Hair Treatment
Hair Loss Dandruff Treatment
Split Ends Treatment
Scalp Treatment And Care
Hair Shirodhara
Protein Treatment
Shampoo And Massage Techniques
Hair Regrowth - Dermaroller, Laser, Mesotherapy

Diploma in Advanced Skin & Hair

General Anesthetic Course
Advanced Hair Course
Foot Reflexology
Basic Aroma Therapy Course

Diploma in Naturopathy

Anatomy Physiology
Magnet Therapy
Colour Therapy
Wheat Grass Therapy
Oil Massage
Pregnancy Massage

Diploma in Nursing


Anatomy Physiology



Diploma in Medical Lab Technology

Chemical Biochemistry
Anatomy Physiology

Laser Technician Course

Skin Pigmentation Laser
Skin Acne Laser
Tattoo Removal Laser
Hair Removal Laser
Scars Laser
Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Chemical Peel Course

Salicylic Peel
Mandelic Peel
Azelaic Peel
Lactic Peel
Kojic Peel
Glycolic Peel
Yellow Peel
Spa Peel
Argi Peel
Pyruvic Peel

Diploma in Weight Management

Detox Ayurvedic
Heating Therapy
Laser Lipo Session
Tucks Gel Therapy
Stone Therapy
Salt Therapy

Diploma in Diet & nutrition

Diet Method
What is Nutrition
Types of Vitamins
Function of Vitamins
Types of Food Basic
Anatomy & Physiology

Aroma therapy Course

Principles & Techniques
Preparation of Aromatic Oils
Aromatic Facial Massage
Body Massage with Aromatic Oils
Safety & Contamination
Areas of Caution
Essential Oils & Electrical Treatment
Aroma Therapy for Trial Treatment

One Day Courses

Spa treatment
Hair repaired treatment
Nail art
Deep conditioning
Ear lobe repair
Warts removing
Fancy mehandi
Crystal hair decoration
Saree draping
Mehandi basic
Mehandi Arabic
Mehandi advance

Other Advanced Courses

Cosmetologists+ medical aesthetician
Hair stylists
Make-up artist
Laser technician
Skin therapist
Nail technician
Spa therapist
Ayurveda therapist
Reiki healer
Yoga therapist
Color therapist
Nail art- advance