Today we’re going to learn about the science behind hangovers and learn a few tips on how to not suffer much and at the same time assuming two right things, drink responsibly and drink in moderation.

Hangovers are different from person to person but the symptoms like fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. all of these symptoms are similar in most of the cases. All of these symptoms are results of various processes that are happening inside the body when you hit the bottle a little hard. It normally takes eight to twenty four hours to overcome hangovers but here are few thing we need to know :-
1. One of the worst causes of hangovers is dehydration. This causes a number of disappointing symptoms, alcohol has the ability to inhibit production of hormone vasopressin, this hormone vasopressin regulates how much water our kidneys can hold. If a person consumes alcohol this hormone is limited which causes our kidneys to dump all the water from the body, hence alcohol is said to be diuretic which increase levels of urine, It causes our body to feel quite miserable the next morning as we’ve lost a lot of water. Drink one glass before and after consuming any kind of alcoholic drink. Keep this in your mind, the more water you have in your body the lesser are the chances of significant symptoms. It is absolutely okay to drink a lot of water and go to urinate again and again rather than having a severe headache the next morning. Before you start drinking make sure you have eaten fatty foods and carbohydrates. Fatty foods are known to slow down the absorption rate of alcohol and lessen stomach irritation which most of us experience, on the other hand carbohydrates will ease nausea which means no vomiting. Alcohol is absorbed 80% from small intestines and 20% from stomach, it can be found in the blood for up to 20 hours. Alcohol is chiefly metabolized in the liver by two enzymes ADH and NADH. ADH is the enzyme that helps in converting alcohol into acetaldehyde and in most cases high levels of acetaldehyde is known to cause memory loss, fatigue, dry mouth, etc. Eat as much protein as you can, especially eggs, eggs contain L-cysteine which helps in breaking down this acetaldehyde and if acetaldehyde is eliminated from the body most of the symptoms are fairly eliminated.  Grease up before you go to the party or any occasion which means eating heavy foods. We know we all want to look slim at the party but you should eat heavy food like a pizza or any other fatty food as it is known that fatty foods slow down the absorption of alcohol. If you want the same effect but don’t want to eat, taking one teaspoon of olive oil or any other edible oil can be useful. We know that water is very important, but we need to know that just water is not enough, make sure you drink electrolyte drinks like sports drinks, best way would be to drink coconut water or fruit juices as this will restore the salt and potassium levels back into the body. Next is sugar, sugar reduces the risk of hangovers, make sure you take sugar while drinking and not before drinking as sugar metabolizes really quickly. The last and the most important, just like the heavy meal before drinking, hangover needs foods that are easy to digest just like toast or cereal, which means eat healthy breakfast the next morning, electrolyte foods like eggs because of L-cysteine, bananas are rich in potassium, they are highly essential in function, muscles and body functions and last fruit juices because of fructose that is present in them so next time enjoy the party but also keep these points in your mind, the most important thing is know your limit, drink responsibly and drink in moderation.

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