This is What You Need to Know About Your Skin


Our skin is not just the face, the hands or the feet, it is much more than that. Our skin is the largest organ as it laminates the entire body, hence it is important to know and take care of our skin right from our head to toe equally.

Here is a diagram of the skin and its layers:-

The skin has three primary layers. The first one is the outermost layer, which is the epidermis. Epidermis is a layer which creates our skin tone. Beneath the epidermis it’s the Dermis, this contains tough connective tissues, hair follicles and the sweat glands. Dermis is made up of two most important components needed for healthy skin, these two important components are the Elastin and the Collateral. The deepest layer of the skin is the Hypodermis. Whatever fat you experience whether it is in the thighs, back area or the abdominal area, all the fat storage takes place in the hypodermis.

Let us consider an example of a boy, soon after puberty hits him, he experiences problems like, mild acne or sun tanning, these two are the problems of the outermost or the Epidermis layer. If this is neglected it increases and may get converted to moderate to severe acne or mild pigmentation, moderate to severe acne or mild pigmentation are the problems of the dermis layer. Due to aging, a lot of stress or hormonal imbalance, problems like, melasma, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation of the skin occur as these are the problems of the hypodermis layer. There are various medicated creams, medicated cleanups, advanced aesthetic treatments, which help in reaching up to the deepest layer of the skin and treat them effectively. Now at least the next time you are planning to work on your skin or to take any sort of treatment, you know what the problem is on which layer you need to work on. No matter what you do, make sure you do not hamper or disturb the normal functioning of the skin which is protection, absorption, excretion and sensation.

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