Prevention is better than cure, we have all heard this phrase, but do we actually know what this phrase means? In the first part we learned about the stages that a disease has to go through to reach our body. Today we’ll learn about those 6 stages with an example.

Let us consider, our body is our territory and our body’s immunity is a soldier, and the bacteria, dushya or pathogens that we talked about are enemies. The first step is, enemies getting inside our territory, that is, bacteria or pathogens getting inside our body, step two, enemies getting powerful in our body, that is, the growing of the bacteria in our body, step three, spread of enemies in our territory, that is, spread of the pathogen or bacteria in our body. Where does this bacteria go after spreading? Let us take an example. If a boy plays games on his phone all day, then it is obvious that the soldiers of his eyes are weak, then it is simple, wherever the soldiers that is, the immunity is weak the bacteria will locate there. Step four, attack of the enemies, through which we see symptoms like, burning of eyes, headache, etc. all this comes in step five, and the last step, which is the sixth step, is the step where the bacteria has finally taken over our whole body. So from this example we learned a lesson, that is, If we do anything in the limit, then only and only our body is going to benefit from it. So can we prevent these things from happening? Definitely we can, the first thing is, disease free life, this is health. There are two things you have to control to have a disease free life. One is your diet and one is your lifestyle. How to limit this? Let us consider that you eat junk food daily, so we’ll decide that we’ll eat junk food alternatively, after that we’ll eat junk food twice a week and then once a week. There is no need to completely stop doing anything, just we should do it to the limit.

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