Removing Pigmentation


Pigmentation is one of the most common skin complains. There are various reasons that cause pigmentation, or mistakes we make on regular basis in terms of our diet and lifestyle that increases the production of one skin pigment melanin which further results in pigmentation. This is the root cause of pigmentation. There are various other internal causes, but we all are aware of the most common cause which is Hormonal Imbalance. This is especially experienced by women due to puberty, pregnancy, menopause, etc. Stress is also a major cause, improper or irregular food intake, this again increases the melanin production.

Let’s know how we can get rid of pigmentation naturally.

We will be requiring 2 ingredients: 1.Orange Gel;

Oranges are enriched with Vitamin C which helps in boosting the collagen production, they have skin lightening and brightening properties. They contain lots of powerful antioxidants and anti aging properties. Also Orange gel has citric acid which means AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) which is a powerful exfoliator, extremely beneficial in skin lightening and pigmentation. Eating oranges or drinking a glass of orange juice regularly will provide your body with all the essential nutrients and will help in detoxifying your body. Similarly applying Orange Gel on your face/skin will give you healthy, bright and glowing skin.

2.Carrot Seed Oil (Aroma essential oil);

It is high in beta carotene which reduces/removes pigmentation. The best part about carrot seed oil is that it hinders or blocks the tyrosine which is an enzyme that produces melanin. Hence we have chosen these 2 ingredients. Also it is important to know that aroma essential oils are highly concentrated when applied directly to the skin, so it is necessary to use a carrier (gel, oil or cream). 

Ratios of using these ingredients: If we are taking one tbspn of Orange Gel then we need to add 8 drops of Carrot Seed Oil. This ratio is to dilute the effect of Carrot Seed Oil.

Application: Mix these ingredients properly and apply on your pigmentation, dark spots, dark circles or all over your face. Keep it overnight and wash off in the morning. 

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