Metal Use in Ayurvedic Medicines


There are several myths about Ayurveda in spite of it being able to provide results for most chronic and incurable conditions. One of the most common ones is that there is heavy metal use, chemicals and toxicity in Ayurvedic medicines. 

Ayurvedic medicines are available in herbal form, mineral form and herbo- mineral form. There is an entire branch of Ayurveda known as Rasashaastra, which details processes by which various metals, minerals and other substances, including mercury, are purified and combined with herbs in an attempt to treat illnesses. It contains in depth information about metals which are used for medicinal purposes. This is the earliest branch in Ayurveda where the other forms of nature like metals, minerals were used for medicinal use. These metals and minerals are either used individually or in combination with herbs for giving best results to the patients. The most common combination or formulation is Aarogyavardhini, a multi-herb supplement that has been used to treat liver and skin conditions in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. It contains 50% of Kutki and 50% of other potent herbs and medicines like shilajit, lauha bhasma, tamra bhasma, etc. All the metals used for medicinal purpose undergo a purification procedure, wherein all the toxins are eliminated from the metal and mineral making it fit for medicinal use. Abhrak Bhasma is a classical ayurvedic formulation that employs the use of abhrak ash or calcined mica ash for treating and managing a quarry of health anomalies including sexual and reproductive problems, respiratory disorders, liver & abdominal diseases, mental and psychosomatic disorders. This potent mineral formulation is blessed with the ability of pacifying the Tridoshas, i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Being a powerful Rasayani dravya or ingredient, Abhrak bhasma not only provides adequate energy to carry out various activities but also has a calming effect on both the mind and body. For the purification of abhrak, it is heated and then dipped into either kanji or a decoction of triphala or milk. This process is repeated for about seven days. Once the purification process is done the lakshanas according to rasashastra are checked to make sure it is fit for medicinal use. There is not only one technique of purification of metals and minerals. So Rasashastra is absolutely safe if all the rules and regulations are followed. 

Ayurveda says that nothing in the world exists without having a healing property. Even a poison used at the right time, in the way and in the right dosage acts as a beautiful medicine. Similarly any food item or supplements if used at the wrong time, in the wrong dosage or in the wrong manner can act as a poison. Every single metal or mineral has different consumption dosage. And even if the purification procedure is not done properly then it may have side effects. 

If the disease has reached at the end stage or there is a lot of severity we need to use such formulations for best results. Ayurveda has a wide range of medicines and treatment options, the only thing required is patience. If you have had issues for years  and expect to be cured in a month, one needs to understand that such treatments requires time. So one needs to be patient and have faith in Ayurveda. 

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