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Kushmanda, which is popularly known as winter melon or ash gourd, is a green vegetable that has been well-regarded for its significant medicinal values since ancient times and is widely documented in Ayurvedic texts. It is alkaline and cool in nature. Today, it continues to be heralded for its immense health benefits and is widely incorporated, in popular local cuisine across India, as well as in alleviating illnesses of the stomach, liver and skin, to name a few. Ash gourd supplies plenty of nutrition, being inherently high on water content providing a cooling effect on the body, having zero cholesterol thereby augmenting heart health and abounding in a plethora of vitamins and minerals to facilitate key metabolic functions in the body. This remarkable natural wonder, which belongs to the cucumber and squash family, like snake gourd, also provides valuable curative properties for conditions such as fever, jaundice and diabetes. This is owing to its noteworthy antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, due to the presence of beneficial plant compounds like flavonoids and carotenoids. In addition, the juice of ash gourd also heals hair and scalp disorders like dandruff and bald patches. In spite of having a sweet taste it is useful for diabetes. It is also very useful for urinary disorders like gastritis, pitta related issues like acidity and bleeding disorders like bleeding from nose or anus. Ash Gourd has the ability to detoxify our intestines. 


One can store ash gourd for months but once it is cut it has a lifespan of about 5-7 days in the refrigerator. We can simply make a juice of ash gourd by taking about 250 gm and blending it with some water. Strain this liquid and your juice is ready to be consumed. Drink this juice sip by sip, within 15 minutes of the preparation. After having this juice do not consume anything else for at least an hour. As it does not have much taste one can mix it with equal quantities of coconut water and consume. Make sure you do not add sugar, honey, jaggery, lemon or salt to the natural juice. This drink starts showing its results in about 7 days of consumption. 

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