Leech Therapy for Pimples, Skin Glow, Hair Regrowth, Alopecia


To explain this topic in easy language, let us talk about the five panchakarma, panchakarma are the oldest and the most authentic way of detoxification. It’s not the massage, the relaxing process or the shirodhara, those are the purvakarma, before the panchakarma those are often done. Pancha karma is mainly for the internal body detoxification. Vaman, virechan, nasya, basti and raktamokshan are the panchakarma. About raktamokshan, acharya sushrut who is the father of surgery explained that it is 50% of the treatment. We have to understand the importance of blood to understand this, blood maintains and supports the body just like the roots support the tree, it is considered as a jiva or as life, and when this blood is vitiated by the doshas, it causes various diseases, and raktamokshan is a treatment where the vitiated blood is expelled out from the body.

Panchakarma removes the aggravated doshas out from the body, and the medications balances the panchakarma. Balanced doshas is the balanced state, it is important to remove the aggravated ones, because we need faster results.

One of the practices used for raktamokshan is leech therapy. Leeches are used to treat many illnesses and diseases through bloodletting, a method where blood is drawn out to remove impure blood to heal the body. Leeches may look hideous and induce a wave of nausea. But the fact remains that they enhance the natural process of wound healing in humans. Their saliva has an enzyme called Hirudin, which is considered to be the best anticoagulant needed to prevent and dissolve blood clots. They are nature’s gift to improve blood circulation in the human body. And to top it off, their use was first discovered by Sushrut probably between 800 and 1,000 B.C. Leech therapy is something that you can do only at a centre. The leech therapy should be done under ayurvedic physician’s guidance, proper supervision, proper maintenance is very important.

There are many benefits of leech therapy. It is used to treat arthritis and other inflammatory processes. It is perfect for those with vascular or heart related problems, it can be used to cure stomach related issues, skin diseases like psoriasis, herpes, and eczema can also be treated with leech therapy, patients who suffer from pain and inflammation will feel relief from the anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects of the leech’s saliva, it has anti-clotting agents that dissolve clots found in the vessels, eliminating the risk of them traveling to other parts of the body and blocking an artery or vein. The vasodilating agents help widen the vessel walls by dilating them, and this causes the blood to flow unimpeded, too.

While curing the problem you are facing, the leech will give you only 1% of the pain that you have because of your problem, only for that time or less than that. The leech bites you to cure your problems but the pain is less than just a pinch.

There are twelve types of leeches, six are poisonous and six are non poisonous. Only the non poisonous ones are kept at an ayurvedic centre, also an ayurvedic doctor maintains the leech in a particular manner, proper care is taken. Fresh leeches are applied for the patient and after the treatment, vomiting of the blood sucked by the leech is also done to make sure that there is no harm to the leech.

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