How to Prevent Covid?


Today we will learn how to prevent COVID-19 and what are the right steps one must take for faster recovery. Maximum patients after covid they experience post covid fatigue, weakness, weight loss, weight gain, fever, sinus, cough or cold, etc. all these are the symptoms they possess.

As soon as a person starts seeing any signs of symptoms or even after covid they see any symptoms, any weakness or fatigue then one must start consuming the siddha jala, medicated liquid. You can prepare it by using the herb Musta (Cyperus rotundus). Musta is an amazing herb when it comes to its great properties, it reduces the pitta, it has multiple benefits, it is also known by the name Nagarmotha and worldwide across the globe it is known as Cyperus rotundus. A better combination is musta and Parpatak. Parpatak available in churna form across the globe also known by the name of Pitta papada. It is easily available, mix it in equal quantity and store it in a container, take one litre water add three tablespoon of this medicine, boil it make it half, boil it over low flame it is best if you boil it until one fourth part is left, once its boiled strain the liquid and consume 20 ml in the morning, 20 ml in the evening that is 20 ml between 6:00 am to 7:00 am and 20 ml between 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, throughout the day you can take sips of this siddha jala for faster recovery, it is said as it reduces fever, it reduces pitta overall improvements are seen in general health all the symptoms start improving and we see a sense of well being for sure. For all the age groupS this is the basic thing one can do.

The next thing is consumption of fruits, during covid or if you have symptoms one must skip the fruits totally but still if you want to take them you can go with apples, dragon fruit as per the modern science dragon fruit has 500 mg of natural vitamin c, it is very useful for faster recovery, increasing strength, for overall immunity. You can chop it into pieces or else you can make a juice out of it but best is if you eat it. If you do not have any symptoms you can take the fruit best would be pomegranate, grapes as a prevention, if you don’t have diabetes only then go with the grapes. When it comes to vegetables, raw salads, raw vegetables or raw veggies should be totally avoided. One must cook them, cook the salads, cook the vegetables and then consume it. Vegetables preferably that are of butter taste the bottle gourd, ash gourd are extremely beneficial. One must avoid eggs, the tomatoes, brinjal, all the foods that are heavy to digest, they have increasing inflammation in the body should not be consumed. Eat your last meal or dinner before 7:00 pm do not consume your dinner after 7:00 – 7:30 maximum 8:00 pm. The best meal you can consume throughout this time to relieve fever is consuming coconut water or tangy which is given a lot of importance in ayurveda. Take four cups of water and one cup rice, boil it, make it half, consume the water or the kanji also you can add jeera and salt for taste.

Actived India Nutri-Y med, this has ashwagandha, shatavari, kawach beej, shilajit, bala, vidarikand, rasayan churna, ushira. All these herbs are balyam for the overall cardiovascular system, for energy these are best medicines. If patients have diabetes they should avoid it, they can go with a Actived India Nutri-G tablet which is in tablet form and contains same ingredients or else they can go with a Dia-C med tablets for reducing the blood sugar levels naturally it has amalaki, haridra, haritaki, bibhitaki, jambu, karvellak and methika in extract form. Even Bronko med syrup which contains Triphala, Tankan Bhasma, Kantakari, Manuka, Talispatra, Badi saunf, Haridra, Vasa, Tulsi, Mulethi, Somlata and Madhuk is very beneficial for respiratory issues.

Certain herbs chosen by toxicology like Champakadi agad it is a beautiful combination of punarvartak jwar are formulations given by an authentic ayurvedic doctor. The herbs available easily in the market are madhav rasayan (beneficial for chronic conditions), rasa madhavati (for post covid fatigue), laxmi vilas ras (for respiratory conditions, throat pains, sinus and fever), sanshamani vati containing guduchi (for immunity) and mrutyunjay chatan. These all help in giving results even for severe conditions. 

These not only give great results but also improvements are seen in terms of reports and overall well being and symptoms. We all have understood by now that prevention is better than cure. So as a prevention measure one can choose sitopaladi churna, yashtimadhu and abrak bhasma. Sitopaladi helps a lot with the tastelessness and loss of smell. And Abrak bhasma helps with conditions like lung cancer, ILD, bronchial asthma, etc. The suggested dosage is 15 gms sitopaladi, 15 gms yashtimadhu and 5 gms of abrak bhasma, mix and store in a container. As per an authentic ayurvedic doctor’s guidance the dosage or combinations and formulations can be changed. 

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