Survival of the fittest, we have all heard this line, we know that to survive being fit is necessary. Is one called the fittest if he is very strong physically or is one called the fittest if he is very strong mentally. No, none of these are called the fittest, we call one the fittest when he/she is always ready to do this one thing, the one who is always ready to adapt this one quality, and that one quality is ‘Change’.

Today we will learn about those six stages that every disease has to come across to develop in our body. Now the first thing we need to know is, none of the diseases come overnight. It requires a lot of time for any disease to develop in our body, it can take six months, one year, two years or even three years to come in our body. Stage number one is the stage of accumulation, when a particular dushya or pathogens accumulate in our body, it is said as sanchay in ayurveda. Stage number two, it is the stage of aggravation, now this dushya or this pathogen being accumulated starts growing, it is said as prakop in ayurveda. Stage number three is the stage of overflowing, when this aggravated dushya starts spreading all over the body or starts overflowing in the body, this is called the third stage. Stage number four, now this overflowed dushya or pathogen will reach at one place in the body and locate there, it will locate in the place where there is the lowest resistance or a part where the immunity of our body is the lowest. The fifth stage, this stage is when our body starts reacting and when our body starts showing symptoms of the disease, the symptoms can be pain, edema, swelling, itching, redness, etc. The stage number six is the stage where the disease has completely developed in our body, this stage six is differential diagnosis. The difference between the fifth and the sixth stage is that the fifth stage is general diagnosis and the sixth stage is differential diagnosis.

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