How many Calories do you lose after a 30 minutes walk?


People often face a difficult time when it comes to weight loss, especially those having PCOD, hyperthyroid, diabetes, etc. Even if a person sits idle in one place, without talking or moving, he/she can lose 1-1.5 cals/min. Similarly a person loses 0.5 cals/min while sleeping and about 2 cals/min while standing. Now let’s talk about walking, about 3-4 calories can be burned per minute while slow walking and 5 cals/min if we start walking slightly faster. Jogging helps in losing 7-8 cals/min. If we consider a person walking at moderate speed which is about 100-120 steps per minute then that person loses 6 cals/min. Similarly if we calculate for 30 minutes then we would be losing about 150-180 calories. 

Now once you’ve had your 30 minutes walk and lost 150-180 calories and you come home and want to consume rotis. Roti is made of carbohydrates, 1gm of any carbohydrate has 4 calories therefore 1 roti of about 25gms has 100cals. You lose about 180 calories and then consume 2 rotis and get 200 calories directly. Do you like eating marigold biscuits? It is also made of carbohydrates, 1 biscuit is of 6gms hence having 1 biscuit gives you 24 calories. If on an average you require 1600 calories and you are consuming foods worth 1200 calories you are losing weight. Consuming 100gms of any vegetable without oil gives us only 20 calories, consuming 100gms of fruits (Except custard-apple, mango, jackfruit, chikoo, grapes and banana)  gives us only 50 calories. The lesser the calories with high nutritional value, the more is the weight loss. 

Walking surely is essential for our overall system but also the calorie count matters while losing weight.  Which foods contain lesser calories? How do you calculate calories? How many calories does your body require? Don’t worry we got you covered. Visit our website where you will find a free calorie calculator which will help in knowing how many calories you require. Also our Active Forever 21 days program clearly explains that consuming low caloric food along with exercising is the formula of losing weight. Even the timing of consuming food, what you eat, why you eat matters a lot. 

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