Himalaya Liv-52


Today we will learn about how Himalaya Liv-52 affects our body and why people buy it, but first of all we need to know how our normal liver functions. Just like clay is needed to make a potter a vessel, similarly every organ of the body takes blood. If there is no clay, can a potter make a pot, in the same way, if there is no blood in the body, can the body survive? You take any organ it will always have a relationship with blood and if this blood has a place of origin, then it is vyakrit, that is the liver. Liver is basically a check post for all the organs

Himalaya Liv-52 consists of Himsra, It has strong antiviral properties that is, it is very effective in infection caused or occurring in the liver. Kasani, it is basically a diurectic, it helps to pass out the waste or toxins accumulated in the liver through urine. Mandur bhasma, it is basically an iron supplement, this helps in naturally improving and increasing the quality and the quantity of your blood cells. Arjuna, it is one of the best herbS for your heart whether it is chest pain, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Arjuna has always proved itself to be an effective cardiac tonic. Kasamarda, it is basically a blood purifier, it is helpful in improving your digestive system. Jhavuka, this helps in naturally increasing the platelet count of the body. These six ingredients make this product an effective tonic. Liver enlargement, Liver cirrhosis due to alcohol consumption, increased Haemoglobin level, hunger, to improve digestive system, strength and overall immunity, Liv-52 is very useful. Physicians, Doctors, Hepatologists, have been using this product for minor Liver problems.

Himalaya company has not mentioned any side effects of this product, this formulation does not have any short term or long term side effects. 

For children it is advised one tablet and for adults two to three tablets twice or thrice a day. Himalaya company has mentioned that this product can be taken with or without a doctor’s consultation, but excess to anything is bad for health and it is always better to ask a physician before putting anything in your body.

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