Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) is an Ayurvedic herb most commonly known for its immunity boosting, aphrodisiac and rejuvenation properties. Its name is derived from two Sanskrit words; ‘Go’ meaning cow and ‘Aakshura’ meaning hoof, as the fruits of this plant resemble the hooves of cows. Gokhshura when taken along with Ashwagandha helps enhance stamina due to which it is beneficial for body building as well as improving the performance of athletes. It is also extensively used to manage sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction as it is a natural aphrodisiac. According to Ayurveda, Gokshura is known to balance the three doshas; Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It is also used to manage urinary disorders due to its Mutral (diuretic) property. It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking Gokshura if you are taking medicines to lower blood pressure. 

There is a concept explained in Ayurveda that if a herb looks like an organ or a particular disease then the herb is most likely to have benefits for that organ or disease. Now the fruits of gokshura have a resemblance with the oxalate stones of kidney and bladder and is hence used for the treatment of the same by doctors across the globe. The main primary use of gokshura is to cleanse and detoxify the kidneys and the bladder. Gokshura is cool in potency, sweet in taste, balances all the three doshas, provides strength to the body and nourishes all the seven tissues of the body. It is known to be the best medicine for urinary calculi. It is also an anti- diabetic herb, it is used in a combination with certain herbs like gudmar, vijaysar, shilajit, etc or proprietary medicines like Actived India Dia- C Med tablets or syrup. These combinations work great when it comes to diabetes and avoiding the complications of diabetes. PCOD patients, due to insulin resistance have chances of developing two diseases, diabetes and thyroid/ hyperthyroid. In such cases gudmar and gokshur work best. Gokshura with a combination of yashtimadhu and abhrak bhasma is very beneficial for Shwas Kasa. It also helps in improving cardiac activity and provides strength to the heart muscles. Gokshura’s anti- inflammatory properties are beneficial for piles and fissures. 

The most commonly used medicine across the globe by Ayurvedic doctors is Gokshuradi Guggul. Guggul is an enhancer, if it is used with any herb like triphala or gokshura it enhances the properties of that particular herb. 

Gokshura churna is a traditional herbal formulation that aims at both revitalising and rejuvenating the body. The host of anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties of this formulation makes it extremely beneficial for improving kidney functions and treating a number of genitourinary problems like urinary tract infection, urinary distension, urinary calculi, dysuria, difficulty in micturition, treating osteoarthritis, gout and relieving from sexual problems. The classical medicine uses the powdered form of each of the seven herbs mainly gokshura, haritaki, punarnava, deodara, lashuna, and adrak that are mixed in equal parts, each of which works together in promoting sexual and reproductive health, improving sexual desire and performance, treating erectile dysfunction and increasing libido and stamina and working as a nonhormonal bio-stimulator which upsurges the level of the male hormone testosterone.


Gokshura powder can be consumed up to 3-5 tspn twice or thrice a day. One can also consume it by mixing 100 ml milk, 100ml water and 10 gm gokshura powder. Boiling this mixture on a low flame for a few minutes then straining it and consuming it in two dosages throughout the day. This liquid is very beneficial for pregnant women. 

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