CTM Routine for Clear, Glowing & Healthy Skin


Today we will learn about the CTM routine for a bright, glowing and healthy skin. Firstly we will talk about what CTM routine is, why you need it for your skin, and how you can simply follow it on a regular basis, take all the benefits it offers without spending much time, money and energy over this.

Let us understand this with an example, just when a woman gets pregnant, even before she goes for delivery, she has these constant thoughts about her baby that, who will take care of my baby? What shopping should I do for my baby? or what kind of products are needed for the baby? what would be the baby oils, the baby talcum powder? and no matter how much it is out of budget or how it is unavailable, she will give at most priority to all the baby products, she will buy it for her baby’s health and for her baby’s skin. But as the baby grows, he/she becomes 3-5 years old, just the way how we grow personally, we start neglecting our skin, we don’t give that much of priority to our skin. So here is a simple CTM routine wherein you can keep your skin very healthy without spending too much money, time and energy. Also we will talk about some alternatives where just by using home remedies you can follow this particular routine.

So in CTM, C stands for cleanser, cleansers help in getting rid of the dead cells, the excessive oil and it helps in tightening your pores. As a cleanser you can use a face wash as well, but the face wash should be as per your particular skin type. You can use face wash which has salicylic acid present in it, if you have an oily skin. If you have dry skin then glycolic acid is a great option. And just in case if you have very sensitive skin then lactic acid is the right option for you. Next is T, now T in CTM stands for toner, talking about our body we wear clothes, they act as a toner, they act as a protection for our body, we have seen that improper clothing can lead to skin infections, hence just the way clothes give our body protection, similarly, toners are very much needed for our skin. If you have oily skin you can simply use astringents because they are very strong and very suitable for oily or acne prone skin. If you have dry skin you can use fresheners because they are very smooth and soft. As a protection for our face and as a toner you can simply use a sunscreen as per your particular body type. Next is M, M stands for moisturizer, it is just like our sleep, if we do not get enough sleep at night, we won’t have that energy or we won’t have the strength the next day, we cannot function properly. So just like how we need sleep, our face needs moisturizer. It is advised to be applied at night time, if you have an oily skin you can use an oil free moisturizer and in case you have a dry skin then you can use fatty creams or simply apply oils over the face.

Let us discuss the alternatives wherein just by using the home remedies, you can follow the CTM routine. First is cleanser, we saw cleansers help in removing dead skin cells and tighten pores. In this case we need milk and salt. Milk has lactic acid present in it and salt acts as a natural antiseptic. So simply mix this properly and cleanse your face using this remedy. Moving on further, you can use rose water toner and spray it over your face, or take one teaspoon of rose water and one teaspoon of glycerin, mix it well, and tone your face using this liquid or the third option you have that you can do is, take water and take orange peel powder, mix this properly, fill it in a bottle and spray it on your face. Moving on to the third on which is moisturizing, you can simply apply this really effective oil which is Kumkumadi oil, it has saffron present in it and it is a great oil for your skin, it helps in getting rid of the dark spots, the blemishes, dark circles, acne scars, and a lot of skin problems or you can use Yashtimadhu oil, it is also a really great oil for your face, or simply you can use almond oil and apply it over your face. If you have an oily skin then you have to use this oil in very small amounts and in case if oils don’t suit you at all then you can substitute this step by using a pack at night and keep it for thirty minutes. To make a pack, you can take one teaspoon of rose water, and mix it with one teaspoon chandan or scandalwood powder, mix it well and apply it on your face or the best option in this case is that you can take 1 teaspoon of rosewater and one teaspoon of shankha bhasma, mix it properly and apply it on your face, it will really give a bright, glowing effect by reducing the appearance of the dark spots and the blemishes. You can follow this remedy if you have a normal skin and a dry skin. 

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