Benefits of Moringa (Drumsticks) – Part 2


Moringa oleifera is a plant native to northern India that can also grow in other tropical and subtropical places, like Asia and Africa. Folk medicine has used the leaves, flowers, seeds, and roots of this plant for centuries. Drumsticks or moringa have been a source of nutrition and are rich in antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds. The entire drumstick plant consisting of its leaves, pods and flowers are packed with nutrients that are beneficial and every part of the plant has food and medicinal value. It is important to eat drumsticks in some or the other form regularly to reap its whole benefits. 

There are a large number of nutrients and vitamins present in moringa that are beneficial for us. The vitamins which are present in moringa plants are Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, folates and ascorbic acid. The nutrition content list of moringa includes Calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and zinc are the essential minerals which are present in this plant. It also contains essential amino acids which help in the production of protein in our body. Finally, it has 6.2 g of protein while cow’s milk only has 3.2 g of the same. Thus, as you can see, moringa provides more nutrition than any other plant or food item out there and can therefore be extremely beneficial for your health.

There are many benefits of moringa like, Treating diabetes, Protecting and nourishing skin and hair, Protecting the liver, Treating stomach complaints, Treating asthma, etc. 

Moringa is likely safe when the leaves, fruit, and seeds are eaten as food. Moringa leaf and seeds are possibly safe when taken by mouth as medicine, short term. Products containing moringa leaf have been used with apparent safety for up to 90 days. Products containing moringa seed have been used with apparent safety for up to 3 weeks. Moringa root and root extracts are possibly safe when taken by mouth. The roots contain spirochin, a toxic substance.

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