We are going to learn about some of the ayurvedic combinations that help you in recovering from severe migraine, regular headaches, stress, anxiety as well as managing conditions like epilepsy as well. Here are some result oriented medicine combinationS that help you from day one, they have been used in over ten thousand plus patients in over forty plus countries.

If we talk about the eight branches of ayurveda it is said that Kaaya Chikitsa, Baala Chikitsa, Graha Chikitsa, Urdhvaanga Chikitsa, Shalya Chikitsa, Damstra Chikitsa, Jara Chikitsa, Vrusha Chikitsa these are the eight branches of ayurveda. For various conditions like vertigo it is said as bhrama and it is described as rajam pittam anilad bhramam, an aggravation or involvement of raja gun of mind out of the three qualities of the mind the satva, raja, and tama, the raja gun involvement, the pitta involvement fire element and the vata involvement excess of air involvement these three factors contribute to this disease vertigo. Vertigo is an incurable condition but from the perspective of ayurveda it is easily curable from the root cause and it has beautiful and immediate results. 

Talking about medicines on first number there is Panchagavya Ghrita, It consists of five components of cow products namely, cow milk, clarified butter from cow milk, cow urine, curd from cow milk, and cow dung juice, if one is not comfortable with the ingredients in it there are certain alternative for it too. So panchagavya gritha, it reference is found in the charak samhita, chikitsa sthana, tenth chapter, in ashtang hrudaya as well its reference are seen in 12th chapter chikitsa sthana from nineteenth verse to twenty-third verse, it is beautifully explained about the benefits of panchagavya gritha. This ghee is bitter in taste but it is definitely worth taking. You can also consume panchagavya grith by mixing 1-2 tablespoons in warm milk or tea, it becomes easier for one to consume it this way and you get the equal amount of benefits as well. The alternative for this would be saraswat ghrith, maha kalyan ghrith, kalyan ghrith, brahmi ghrith, although they not be that effective than the panchagavya ghrith but overall all these ayurvedic medicine are effective. Talking about the second medicine which is the choice of medicine for most conditions, whether it is arthritis, eczema, cancer or skin dieseases, this is a beautiful medicine and it is Jatamansi. It is pitta shamak which means it reduces pitta or it reduces the fire element, it is cool in its potency. For vertigo and migraine from the first week itself good amount changes are seen when patients consume jatamansi. The third medicine is Jyotishmati, it is also called Malkangani, it is having a special effect or prabhav on the mind, it is used for a wide range of neuropsychological conditions. Its seeds are useful too, the oil obtained from these seeds is used for medicinal purposes. Talking about the last medicine, it is not a medicine, it is a treatment which is Nasya, it is said that medicines taken through the nose directly go to the brain and start their action, they have immediate actions. The treatment of Nasya has beautiful results. For problems like migraine, vertigo headache, stress, anxiety, depression, these formulations like panchagavya grith or there is this one strong medicine which is vacha grith the ghee prepared from vekhanda, vekhanda is an ayurvedic medicines which is one of the best medicines for the mind, but it is a strong medicine so don’t put more than two drops or more than three drops of this ghee into the nostril.

The dosage for panchagavya gritha is 1/2-1 tablespoon to be taken early in the morning or first thing in the morning. One can take a glass of water after consuming the ghee or one can also take fennel seeds which are soft, honey, jaggery, mishri or any of such remedies to change the taste of your mouth. The dosage for jatamansi is 1-1/2 tablespoon jatamansi churna two times a day with warm water. The way that has best results is to consume this medicine in phant form, you take 2-4 cups of water, add 1-1/2 tablespoon of the medicine, boil it, strain the liquid and consume this liquid two times a day one-one cup, you can also take it 2-3 times a day, one cup of 20-30 ml. The dosage for jyotishmati is 2-3 drops of jyotishmati oil with half cup milk or water two times a day is very useful.

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