Be Your Own Yoga Teacher : Find Inner Peace


We all are made of three components, the mind, body and the soul. These three components need three whole needs, that is, the body needs health, the mind needs knowledge and the soul needs inner peace. Yoga is a practice for a healthy mind, healthy body and a healthy soul. It is said that yujyate anena iti yogah, that which unites and combines, is known as yoga, that which unites the soul with God is known as yoga.

We all are aware of surya namaskar, regular practice of at least these twelve positions helps detox, strengthens muscles and joins, gives a glowing skin and the list of benefits never ever ends. Like it is said, take care of your body and be your own doctor, learn and practice yoga and be your own yoga teacher. Yoga is not about bending your body, molding your body or sitting in one place, it is about unlocking the idea of what you want from life, it is a state of being beyond a step of happiness. Hence it is said to be your own yoga teacher. 

Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility, it helps with back pain relief, it can ease arthritis symptoms, it benefits your heart health, it relaxes you, to help you sleep better, yoga can mean more energy and brighter moods, it helps you in managing stress, and as we saw the list of benefits never ever ends.

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