Ashwini Mudra Benefits


Today we will learn about one powerful exercise that awakens the dormant Kundalini Shakti, it has the power to cure sexual problems like night fall, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and it also cures chronic constipation. If practiced on a regular basis at home it has the ability to slow down the aging process, wrinkles, greying of hair,, hair loss, baldness, joint pain and it also makes your skin look young and healthy.

‘Ashwini Mudra’, where the word ashwini means horse and mudra means a gesture. The entire goal of this particular mudra is to direct the life force energy; the praan. The praan  tends to move downwards and tries to escape out of the body, the aim of this mudra is to direct this praan upwards along the spine through the sushumna nadi which is the body’s main energy channel. 


There are several benefits of ashwini mudra, in today’s time we see a lot of brain fog, depression, anxiety, lack of focus, concentration and awareness, stress and mental issues. Also weakness or lack of strength in the nerves which causes night fall, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, all these are the common problems. Ashwini mudra bestows the control of the anal muscles just like a horse. The philosophy of this gesture is the movement of the horse after the evacuation of the bowels the horse immediately contracts the sphincter muscles, this is one of the same procedures. It has the ability to cure the problems of the anus and the rectum it cures the chronic constipation, it brings about a sense of well being, awareness or bring peace to the mind, it is one of the best mudra to conquer stress and anxiety, it improves the sexual energy and also strengthens the nerves all these are the major reasons of why patients have sexual problems. The main causes of these problems are the lack of blood circulation in the sexual organs, weakness of the nerves as well as stress. Patients that have lustful thoughts, anger issues and mood swings ashwini mudra helps in fixing all these behavioral changes.


There are several types of Ashwini mudra but let us know about the most common and easiest one. 

Step 1 – Be seated in padmasana, sukhasana or vajrasana. 

Step 2 – Shut your eyes.

Step 3 – Take a deep breath in and bend your head in a way to fix your chin to the jugular notch (Jalandhara Bandha or Chin lock Position).

Step 4 – Hold your breath for breath and contract and relax your anal sphincter 5-10 time. 

Men can do it four times and women can do it five times. 


Pregnant women should not perform this mudra. Also women having severe uterine problems or experiencing heavy flow should not do this. It also must not be done during menstruation. Also patients having enlarged splint, thyroid, sciatica and slip disc must do this under a doctor’s consultation/ observation. 

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